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Ubuntu with apache2 virtual hosts -> Tomcat (JkMount worker1) -> Varnish – Server Fault

I am a newbie with a Ubuntu server serving a couple of test-sites.

My setup is:
1) apache2 hosting a couple of wordpress-sites configured using virtual hosts
2) tomcat hosting a second site, configured by sites-available/[config for redirecting /* to...

6 hours ago Ubuntu Server Vs. Centos For Web Hosting – Advantages / Disadvantages? – NooZilla …

What is Noozilla?

Noozilla is an independent news aggregation service with a categorization engine
that categorizes millions of news stories by subject.

Got feedback?

Found a problem? Things that you would like to see improved? Your feedback...

Generating a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) – Apache 2.x | GoDaddy Help | GoDaddy Support

Follow these instructions to generate a certificate signing request (CSR) for your Apache Web server. When you have completed generating your CSR, cut/copy and paste it into the CSR field on the SSL certificate-request page.

To Generate a Certificate Signing...

postfix – Postgrey – how to add sending server to whitelist to disable greylisting – Ask Ubuntu

I’m using postgrey on all my MX servers (main and 2 backups). I need to disable greylisting on a main server when receiving mails from backup server. How to do that?

When I add IP/FQDN to /etc/postgrey/whitelist_clients, it doesn’t help.