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linux – Compile Node.js v0.11.12-release error on Ubuntu server 12.04.4 – Stack Overflow

I’m clone from git repo and try to compile , but there are an error that i don’t know how to solved following is the log.

[email protected]:/home/gitclone/node$ make

make -C out BUILDTYPE=Release V=1

make: Entering directory `/home/gitclone/node/out’

두나미스 세미나 등록 – Windows VPS

두나미스 세미나 등록 – Windows VPS

best vpsHow To Why Ubuntu is best choice for your Linux VPS?

The server is the most important need of web hosting. Shared, dedicated and VPS are most popular three types of server. At present most of the users prefer to virtual private server for their business due to its features.
The server is the most important need of web hosting. Shared, dedicated and VPS are most popular three types of server. At present most of the users prefer to … More

Multi server Rsync synchronous mirroring service under the Ubuntu configuration

The master server:

From the server:

================== 1Rsync are installed on the two hosts===================

Ubuntu installation is as follows:

Compile and install: download the free software


Go to the official website to download the latest version

Perform decompression...

FW: Re: FW: Help with Virtual Hosting on Linux 3.2 / Ubuntu 12.04.4 | Apache | Users

Thanks, that worked.

I had multiple listen directives. I cleared ( tried some code and left it there accidentally ) and removed “listen 80″ from sites- VHost settings

Another thread advised the use of “restart” instead of “reload”...

Download Ubuntu v14.04 Desktop & Server x86/x64 – Linux Ubuntu-DIRECT DOWNLOAD LINKS …

Ubuntu is a totally free operating system based on GNU / Linux, with the support of the community and business and professional services. Ubuntu by a large community of users and developers around the world are developing,...