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linux – How to use a raid array as /home mount point ubuntu server 13.10 – Super User

I need to create a file server using Ubuntu Server with the following specifications:

  • 1 80Gb HDD:
    • grub boot manager
    • System files
    • apache server files
  • 2 identical 1000GB HDDs:
    • RAID 1 array for redundancy (/dev/md0)
    • files that will be accessible via FTP
    • home folders for all...

Ubuntu chases enterprise cloud with Server 14.04 release | Tux Machines –

Canonical is trying to position the Ubuntu OS as integral to enterprises expanding onto cloud and scale-out computing platforms.

That ambition is reflected in the make-up of Ubuntu Server LTS, the latest release of the operating system, which will...

Linux VPS Hosting – CentOS, Ubuntu, or Debian|Fast & Stable Servers – Jumpline! – Webdigity …

VPS gives you total control and isolation: install and deploy your own applications, restart the virtual server, and gain access to the underlying operation system. With VPS, unlike Shared Web Hosting, your data is protected and isolated...