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ubuntu-bugs – [Bug 786881] Re: Ubuntu Server Natty: ganeti2 (2.1.6) migrate feature doesn't work …

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Issue 366432 – chromium – Support Ubuntu 14.04 in CRD host – An open-source project to help …

Currently CRD host doesn't work OOB on Ubuntu  Currently there are two known issues
 1. unity-2d is not supported in Trusty, and default Unity is 
rendered upside-down with some GL drivers ( NVidia).
 2. Pulseaudio integration is broken...

install – Why is a module not installing properly on an ubuntu server? – Magento Stack Exchange

I am trying to install a module found on magento connect, namely

but it’s not installing properly on my ubuntu server.

I have successfully installed it in a windows-xampp environement.

One thing I have noticed is that the...

dedicatedornot – Is Ubuntu on Dedicated or Shared hosting?

Dedicated Web Hosting Or Shared? Dedicated Or Not Will Reveal It

Dedicated Web Hosting or Shared hosting? Which one? Dedicated or Not will reveal what type of hosting a server, website, or IP address is using.