I am currently testing for LPIC-1, and ran into this question:
You are troubleshooting a connectivity problem on a Linux server. You are able to connect to another system on the local network, but are not able to connect to a server on a remote network.
You suspect that the default gateway information for the system (I’m assuming they refer to the local server system upon which you are working) may be configured incorrectly. Which of the following commands would you use to view the default gateway information on the Linux server?

a) ipconfig
b) ifconfig
c) dig
d) winipcfg

I chose c) dig — which apparently was the wrong answer, as opposed to b) ifconfig (which was listed as the correct answer). The explanation was given as such:

Use the ifconfig command on systems running Linux to view information on the TCP/IP configuration of network adapters. Use ipconfig and winipcfg to view network configuration on Windows systems. Use the dig command on Linux and Unix systems to query the Domain Name Service (DNS) servers.

The question seems to be asking for the default gateway information that the Linux server is using. If so, how do you get ifconfig to show the default gateway information that the server’s network adapter is using?