Hi all,

Looking for a little advise on the best way to set up Ubuntu server,

I currently have a nice shiny new SSD along with 5x WD Red HDDs that I would like to set up with ZFS.

Now I have looked around the interweb and I could do the same as a lot of people seem to and just Install the OS on the SSD, but I have heard of people using a USB thumb drive for the relatively static OS as well so Im a little confused as to the best set up.

Should I:

1) Install the OS on SSD and ZFS the 5x HDD for media as most seem to do.

2) Install the OS on a USB thumb drive with the Cache and other frequently changed (not sure what files would be best to move over) files on the SSD and ZFS on the 5x HDD for media

Im not looking for advice on How to set up the OS but simply which of the two disk set-ups would be better in the long run.

To start with this will be a family media/backup server streaming to Android phones/Windows PC/Laptop and Panasonic smart TV. Backing up the PC and laptops.
Eventually I would like to play around with VM’s and explore Ubuntu later once the OH isnt so concerned that the new tech might lose all our photos etc.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions or advice.